Charity at St Giles International

All of our centres in the UK, USA and Canada are committed to raising money for charity. We are lucky to have fantastic staff and students who are generous with their time and enjoy getting involved to raise money and have some fun along the way too!

Expand (Build Malawi Project, Chisala)

Expand is a UK organisation that aims to help facilitate education for people in poor communities across the globe. Currently their country of operation is Malawi where they are building schools and facilitating training. Money from St Giles has helped towards the development of their school in Chisala, and we have also sent books for the library. Additionally, in August 2012 the St Giles Educational Trust sent a teacher trainer to the school to help their staff of 40 teachers develop new ways to help the pupils learn.

St Giles North American English Language Schools

In 2015 our St Giles San Francisco school donated a fantastic $3363 to charity following fundraising events at the school. They raised $1121 and this was trebled by St Giles. Money raised through International Food Day went to the St Giles charities, money raised for Nepal went to the Nepal Earthquake Appeal, and the proceeds from the Halloween Party went to Expand Malawi.

In 2016, our St Giles New York school raised $394.66 through events such as Thanksgiving and the Halloween party!

Our St Giles Vancouver school also raised money for local charities in 2016. The centre donated a total of $2604 to the following charities: Room to Read, Union Gospel Mission, Food for the Hungry, St Matthew's Church, Canadian Red Cross, Mouth and Foot Painting, Covenant House, Canadian Wildlife Foundation, Multiple Sclerosis Foundation and the Heart and Stroke Foundation. The money was raised from events throughout the year and through a donation box in reception.

St Giles Educational Trust

St Giles also has its own charity - at the heart of our teacher training operation is the St Giles Educational Trust, a registered charity established in 1970. The key aim of the Trust is to promote excellence in English language teaching through the St Giles initial training and continuing professional development programmes for UK and overseas teachers. To learn more about the work of the St Giles Educational Trust, visit the Trust Website or contact us on info@stgilesedtrust.org.