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Social Responsibility


For many years St Giles International has donated generously to charities and has been committed to getting staff and students involved in raising funds and awareness for worthy causes. You can read more about our charities here.

In 2012 St Giles decided to incorporate these efforts into a much wider programme of social responsibility. We have written a Social Responsibility Charter and are committed to improving our sustainability in three main areas:

• Environmental Sustainability: Reducing, reusing and recycling. We also strive to choose products from ethically produced and sustainable sources.

• Sustainability Education: We include sustainability topics in our curriculum as well as raising awareness of environmental and social issues among our student population.

• Creating a sustainable society: We lead by example, showing people how to be tolerant and accepting of different cultures. We also encourage all of our stakeholders to consider sustainability in all areas of their lives. We will continue to raise awareness for, and donate money to local and international non-profit organisations.

Each school has appointed a Social Responsibility Officer and has created its own programme for sustainable development.

You can download our Social Responsibility Charter to find out more about what the schools are doing, and you can contact the St Giles Head office on hq@stgiles.co.uk with any questions about the programme.