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Agent Form

Please complete all mandatory fields marked *

General Information

Marketing Information

Please name at least 3 schools (including contact details) to which you have referred students in the last 12 months. Please note that if you are a new company and have not yet sent students to schools, then we will accept references from other businesses you have worked with in the past, or from previous employers (of the director(s) of your company)

NB. Please be advised that it is St Giles' policy to contact references given by prospective overseas partners before confirming your account or accepting bookings. Please ensure that referees are current and available for comment.

Financial Information


Please note our payment process:

The overseas partners collects the full amount due from the student and pays St Giles International the net amount due contained in our net invoice (Agency Net Payment)

All fees must be paid in full before the course start date.

St Giles Colleges reserve the right to cancel any courses or accommodation for which payment has not been received by the due date or in cases where debt is outstanding.


NB. Overseas partners should contact St Giles Marketing if they wish to discuss any other payment option, but should note that special credit terms will not normally be granted by the St Giles Group without good reason and only after satisfactory evidence of financial status, the receipt of credit references, and a continuous period of satisfactory trading with the agent concerned.