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London Central Anniversary Party Quiz Winners!

April 27, 2012 by St Giles

On Friday 20th April we celebrated the 25th Anniversary of our London Central school.  A party was held for all the students and staff at the school, and along with birthday cake, cupcakes and soft drinks, the students were given a quiz with the chance to win a £10 John Lewis voucher!

Here you can find out the correct answers to the questions, and the names of the lucky winners!  Did you know any of the answers to this quiz?

1. How long has the London Central branch of St Giles been located in this building?

b. Since 1997

2. How many nationalities studied at London Central last year?

a. 77

3. How many students are there in the school this week?

b. 560

4. When did Jonathan (the Director of Studies) first come to work at St Giles?

b. 1993

5. Who is the Platinum course director?

b. Barbara Williams

6. What are the Library/bookshop opening hours?

b. 1.05 to 5pm

7. What time does the last lesson of the day finish?

a. 17.40

8. Where is the Platinum Centre?

b. 4th floor

9. What is Maxine Malvo’s job?

c. Residence Accommodation Officer

10. Which part of the United Kingdom is the Assistant Director of Studies from?

c. Wales

11. How many computers are there in the Self Access Centre?

a. 31

12. What time on Tuesday afternoon do leaving tests start?


13. How many classrooms are there on the first floor?

a. 6

14. What is the colour of the walls in the Principal’s office?

c. yellow

15. When was the building which is the current home of St Giles London Central built?

b. 1898

16. What is the name of the Café?

b. The Square

17. What was the location of the first branch of St Giles London Central in 1987?

a. Northumberland Avenue

And the winners are….

Cecil Dilcan

Gabriele Valloriera

Sochino Tanaka

Hirosumi Hayashi

Semil Soladetin Cherkez

Ceyrat Florence

Maryam Malakoutikhah

Joo Yeon Lee

Jun Okado

Durmus Yakin Kaya

Bertollin Federico

Mingon Lee

Ngoc Hung Pham

Lu Shi

Cristina Puentes

Seung Yoeb Lee

Concepcion Luis Munos

Julie Descloux

Lucia anzano Salazar

Zdybel Ireneusz

Yuki Isoda

Lukas Kuendig


If you want to find out more about our London Central school, take a look at the school’s video on our YouTube homepage, where you can also find videos for all our other centres across the world:

Alternatively, please feel free to email us or visit the St Giles website to find out more.


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