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Reasons to Learn English in Cambridge

August 25, 2023 by St Giles

Choosing to learn English in a native-speaking country abroad is one of the best decisions you can make. The UK is home to many famous cities, and Cambridge is one of its most famous and historic cities. 

Famous for its educational excellence, cobbled streets filled with traditional stores and restaurants and intellect. There are many reasons for you to book a course to study in Cambridge.  

Here are 8 reasons to learn English in Cambridge:  

1. Known for its academic excellence.

St Giles discovering Cambridge learning English

Cambridge is one of the few cities in the world that is commonly associated with educational excellence, as it is home to the prestigious University of Cambridge. 

Choosing to learn English in Cambridge will allow you to immerse yourself in an environment that is known for its academic excellence and rich history with the English language.  

2. Language learning heritage.

Home to the Cambridge University Press, which is known to have developed some of the most widely recognised English language learning materials, including the Cambridge English exam. 

Tap into Cambridge’s English heritage and expertise through its people, traditions of language education and its libraries.   

3. Surrounded by native English speakers.

St Giles Cambridge social native speakers

Immersing yourself in an environment filled with native English speakers is one of the most valuable methods to quickly learn English. 

Being surrounded by people who can help you practice your language skills in real-life situations through interacting with locals, participating in cultural events, or any everyday activity can enhance your fluency and cultural understanding. 

4. Language diversity.

With its many educational institutions, Cambridge attracts students from different countries, cultures and backgrounds. This diversity creates a multicultural environment that exposes you to different accents, dialects, and cultural perspectives.  

Interacting with diverse individuals and groups can help deepen your understanding of the English language and enrich your cultural experiences.  

St Giles students in class learning English at Cambridge

5. Cultural and historical significance.

Cambridge is a city steeped in history and culture. Beyond its educational reputation, it offers a vibrant arts scene, historical landmarks, museums and picturesque surroundings. 

Learning English in Cambridge allows you to explore this rich cultural heritage, providing an immersive and inspiring backdrop to your language studies. 

6. Networking opportunities.

St Giles Cambridge students networking business

Studying English in Cambridge exposes you to a wide network of professionals, students, and academics. You can build valuable relationships with individuals from various industries and backgrounds, creating opportunities for future collaborations, career advancements, and cultural exchange. 

7. Career advancement.

Fluency in English is highly demanded in all professions. By improving your English language skills in Cambridge, you can enhance your employability and open doors to international job opportunities.  

Cambridge’s reputation as an academic and business hub attracts companies and organizations that value language proficiency, providing a favourable environment for professional growth. 

8. Personal Growth.

Learning English in Cambridge goes beyond language acquisition. It offers a transformative experience that fosters personal growth, self-confidence, and cultural immersion. 

You can develop a deeper understanding of the English language, British culture, and global perspectives, broadening your horizons and enriching your worldview. 

Studying in Cambridge provides a unique blend of insight into the British student lifestyle, academic excellence, cultural immersion, and language diversity whilst giving access to bountiful resources for students to utilise. 

Providing an excellent environment to learn and refine your English language skills in a city filled with rich history and a vibrant atmosphere.  

Learn English at the historic city of Cambridge

Studying at St. Giles Cambridge

Based in a traditional English building that offers a modern interior.  

Thanks to Cambridge’s compact size, all accommodation options are within easy reach of the school, with transport links available should you want to visit other major cities like London. 

Interested in learning English in Cambridge? Get more information about the English courses offered at our Cambridge school here.  

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