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Save Money While Learning English Abroad

February 18, 2016 by St Giles

Studying abroad is a great way to learn English. You can save money by following some simple travel guidelines.

Studying abroad is a great way to learn English. You can save money by following some simple travel guidelines.

Mobile Devices

Turn off the cellular data and roaming on your mobile phone when travelling and only use it in an emergency. If you need to activate your data, always remember to deactivate it after use. Phone companies can bill you thousands in roaming charges if you forget to deactivate it.

An international phone plan is likely to be an expensive option. Instead, unlock your phone or borrow an older phone from a friend or relative that can be unlocked. While travelling, get a SIM card.

Use areas with free Wi-Fi for web browsing, email, social networking, calls and texts. There are free apps that allow you to text and call home at no expense.

Free Ways To Call Home

Viber, Tango, Skype, and WhatsApp all offer free international calling options and fairly reliable call quality. Both downloading and the use of the apps are free.

Cheap Student Transport

Look for ways to save on travel passes. Can you get a student discount? Where possible, rent a bicycle or consider purchasing a used one which you can sell at the end of your trip.

Cabs are expensive; use them only on special occasions and in the event of an emergency. The Uber app is more convenient than traditional cab services but it isn’t widely available in all towns and cities and can be more expensive if a lot of people are using the service.

Exchanging Currency While Living Abroad

Exchange a small amount of money prior to your trip so you don’t need to use the currency exchange kiosks in airports. Never use these unless there is an emergency as the rates are very high.

Best Apps for Travel Discount

You can use Kayak for buying plane tickets, renting a car or booking a hotel stay. Use Groupon for local bargains and ideas for fun activities. There are a number of translation apps we have reviewed which may help you to communicate when you are buying travel tickets or asking for directions.

Clever Shopping Tips

Research some discount shopping areas for groceries, clothing, and souvenirs. Buy local produce from vendors and produce markets wherever possible. The food will be fresher and less expensive than at name brand grocery stores.

Limit the number of souvenirs you purchase. You can save this money and buy unique items of high quality from local artists in markets and street fairs. Do you really need a tee shirt that says ‘I Love New York’?

We hoped you’ve enjoyed these travel tips for saving money. Do let us know what your favourite travel tips are. As always, to learn more about the English courses we offer, contact St Giles today.

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