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Our courses for Under 18s are now open! Now enjoy no UK quarantine and fewer tests if you're a valid European student.

Cambridge English Examination Juniors

Cambridge Exam Preparation for B1 Preliminary for Schools and B2 First for Schools 

A2/B1 for B1 Preliminary for Schools B1/B2 for B2 First for Schools

Course Duration
4 weeks

Start Dates
29th June 2020

Lessons per week

Lesson length
50 minutes

Maximum in class

Available at
London Highgate

Available at St Giles London Highgate, these courses offer students aged 14-17 the opportunity to prepare for the B1 Preliminary for Schools and B2 First for Schools examinations. Students benefit from the opportunity to prepare for their exam with other examination students, plus improve their English by living in the UK.

This is an Intensive Full Day course, with 28 lessons per week. Students aged 14-15 will also have 3 social and leisure activities included per week. All students will study with a maximum of 12 students, to ensure they receive high levels of personal attention. 

This is a four week course, starting on the 29th June 2020. St Giles London Highgate would also be happy to accept closed groups of exam preparation students at other times of the year. 

Course Objectives

After you take a Cambridge English Examination Juniors at St Giles, you should:

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“My experience at St Giles was extraordinary. My English level really improved, now I can understand and talk much more fluidly. It is also a great opportunity to meet people from different countries. Would I repeat my experience with St Giles? Of course!”

Manan, Germany