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Cambridge Assessment English: C2 Proficiency

C2 Proficiency

C1/C2 (Advanced/Proficient)

Course Duration
8-13 weeks

Start Dates
Set start dates

Lessons per week
20, 22 or 28

Lesson length
50 minutes

Maximum in class

Available at
Brighton, London Central
  • The St Giles Cambridge Assessment English: C2 Proficiency exam preparation course is available to take separately or as a module as part of one of our International Semester Course (ISC) programmes.
  • It is for Advanced (C1) to Proficient (C2) English speakers.
  • It is one of several Cambridge examination preparation courses at St Giles.

Cambridge Assessment English: C2 Proficiency Course Objectives

Students who have taken the Cambridge English: Proficiency course will be fully prepared for the internationally recognised CPE exam. It is aimed at students with an advanced or proficient level of English.

Cambridge Assessment English: C2 Proficiency Course Description

The C1 Proficiency course begins with a placement test and orientation, during which students are introduced to the C1 Proficiency exam and to their student peers.

The Cambridge Assessment English: C2 Proficiency course includes the following lessons:

  • Vocabulary lessons such as ‘Collocations Practice’ and ‘Idioms with Friendship’
  • Grammar lessons such as ‘Conditionals and Wishes/Preferences'
  • Speaking lessons such as ‘Interactive Communication'
  • Listening lessons such as ‘Phrasal Verbs in Everyday Use’
  • Writing lessons such as ‘Writing a Letter’

Progress is measured throughout the C1 Proficiency course and there is a review of unit material at the end of each week. You can find a C1 Proficiency complete sample timetable here.

Further Information

Course Objectives

After you take a C2 Proficiencyat St Giles, you should:

Cambridge Assessment English: C2 Proficiency courses available in:

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"I would recommend St Giles because the teachers and the staff are nice and friendly, and then you can meet a lot of people from the whole world, which is amazing. The school is in a beautiful town, and it's not too big so you won't get lost! I really had a great time, even if it was only for one week, I really enjoyed it."

Octavie ,France