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Juniors Specialised Courses: English for Leaders

English for Coders is available at our Oxford and New York Junior centres. The course will run for three weeks. 


Course Duration
3 weeks

Start Dates
30th June 2019 (New York); 7th July 2019 (Oxford)

Lessons per week

Lesson length
50 minutes

Maximum in class

Available at

This course will help students improve their English while learning how to deliver effective presentations, take the lead, inspire people and be aware of different cultures. 

Students will learn:

  • How to both lead a team and work as part of a team
  • Debating skills, influencing people and political awareness
  • Public speaking techniques and practice
  • Business language and strategic problem solving
  • Developing a business proposal and a sales strategy

A final business focused project will bring together all of the topics studied. Students on this course will also have the opportunity to take part in talks by industry professionals and university representatives, as well as visit local businesses and world famous universities.

The course mixes valuable leadership skills with learning English, and will help aspiring young students develop effective skills for their future careers.

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Sample timetables:

Course Objectives

After you take a English for Leaders at St Giles, you should:

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English For Leaders:

English for Coders:

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“My experience at St Giles was extraordinary. My English level really improved, now I can understand and talk much more fluidly. It is also a great opportunity to meet people from different countries. Would I repeat my experience with St Giles? Of course!”

Manan, Germany