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Meet your Trainers

St Giles has an in-house team of experienced teacher trainers and this ensures consistency of approach. All the trainers are also practising teachers and some are also assessors for Cambridge English or Trinity College London. The trainers work on St Giles’ courses in the UK and overseas.


  • Jo

    After completing a degree in English Literature, Jo acquired her CELTA (CTEFLA as it was then known) at St Giles in 1991. She taught in the Czech Republic and Poland and then returned to work at St Giles where she obtained her Delta. Jo spent 10 years as Assistant Director of Studies, she joined the teacher training team in 2001 and she is now Head of Teacher Training for St Giles London. She particularly enjoys creating materials and has worked for MacMillan on their 'Graded Readers' series. Jo is also an external assessor of Cambridge CELTA courses in the UK and abroad.

  • Neil

    Neil’s early career was in arts and entertainment journalism. After a decade of film screenings and hanging out with rock stars he switched to teaching and has since worked in both the state and private sectors. Neil joined St Giles in 2005 and he has been a trainer on both Cambridge CELTA and Trinity CertTESOL courses. Neil has a particular interest in specialised courses for university students and overseas teachers of English. He is a published author of fiction and he enjoys reading, his gym membership and travelling the world.

  • Joel

    Joel had already gained experience as a teacher’s aide in the Czech Republic before he obtained his Trinity Cert TESOL in 2003. He subsequently acquired a Cambridge Delta and a master’s degree in TESOL and Applied Linguistics from King’s College London. Joel’s eclectic ELT career spans more than 20 years: he has taught English in schools, universities, banks, factories, model agencies and hotels as well as for government agencies and bus manufacturers. For the past 9 years he has worked at St Giles as a senior teacher and teacher trainer. Joel has also illustrated books and has provided ‘voice-overs’ for documentaries. When he isn’t hiking the Pyrenees or running marathons he likes to enjoy a good read.

  • Simon

    Simon started his career working as a bookseller whilst dreaming of becoming an artist. He then acquired an honours degree in Fine Art and has since been a life-long learner. He obtained his CELTA in 2007 followed by a Delta at University College London in 2010 where is now studying for a master’s degree in Applied Linguistics. Simon has been a teacher trainer since 2013 and has worked on both Trinity CertTESOL and CELTA courses. For the last three years he has also been a local tutor on the Distance Delta programme and he has undertaken teacher training assignments for the St Giles Educational Trust in Bangladesh, Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire.

  • Darren

    With a BA in English Literature, Darren has been a teacher for twenty years and a teacher trainer for fifteen. He has experience of training on both CELTA and Trinity CertTESOL courses. Darren began his teaching career in Japan where he lived and worked for three years. He then returned to the UK to further develop his skills by taking the RSA Dip TEFL. Darren has a PGCE in Educational Technology and Distance Learning and he has a keen interest in using technology to enhance the learner experience.

  • Phil

    Phil has been teaching English since 1995. After working in the Czech Republic for six years, he joined St Giles and he obtained his Delta at St Giles Highgate in 2004. He became a teacher trainer in 2006 and has trained on both Trinity CertTESOL and CELTA courses. In 2014 Phil undertook a teacher training assignment in Havana, Cuba for the St Giles Educational Trust. He has also presented at conferences in Havana and Luxembourg. Phil’s main professional interests are team teaching, using pictures and teaching beginners.


  • Mike

    Mike is Head of Teacher Training at St Giles Brighton. He has been involved in ELT since the late 70s and he became a teacher trainer in the late 80s. He has taught English, trained teachers, assessed all over the world and he has played a lead role in many of the St Giles Educational Trust’s international projects. In addition to training on Cambridge CELTA, Delta and ICELT courses, Mike has worked as a teacher educator on in-service training courses for experienced teachers, teacher trainers, university academics and school inspectors. He has a Delta and an honours degree in Philosophy. He is a CELTA Assessor, an ICELT Moderator and an ICELT Chief Moderator.

  • Adam

    Adam started his ELT career in Prague in 2005. He subsequently taught in the Czech Republic and the UK, obtained his Delta and became a CELTA trainer at St Giles in 2015. Adam is passionate about good practice: he regularly undertakes ELT research, speaks at ELT conferences in the UK and overseas and produces adult and young learner course materials for leading publishers. Adam is currently studying for an MA TESOL at Brighton University, and his interests have nurtured specialist expertise in phonology, educational technology, teaching beginners and younger learners, ESL literacy teaching and reflective teacher development.

  • Elisabeth

    Elisabeth has been in the ELT industry since the 1990s. In 2001 she joined St Giles where she now is a teacher trainer. She has taught in a number of countries and this includes undertaking teacher training assignments in Ethiopia and Senegal for the St Giles Educational Trust. Elisabeth’s undergraduate degree is in Music and she has an MA in Applied Linguistics. She is a CELTA and Delta tutor and an assessor and examiner for Cambridge Assessment English. She also works for Trinity TESOL as an international examiner and exam item writer.

  • Emily

    Emily’s career in ELT began in the early 90s: she worked in Turkey, France and Ireland before joining St Giles in 1998. She became a CELTA trainer in 2002 and has also worked on Delta courses. While continuing to teach English language at a range of levels, Emily regularly trains on the CELTA courses at St Giles Brighton as well as on short courses for experienced overseas teachers (this includes preparing candidates for the Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test - TKT). She also runs internal and external teacher development sessions at St Giles and has undertaken a teacher training assignment in Senegal for the St Giles Educational Trust.

  • Erica

    Erica is an approved CELTA and Delta trainer. She has lived and taught in the UK, Spain and China and has trained both new and experienced teachers from around the world: this includes the UK, the USA and (for the St Giles Educational Trust) Uzbekistan, Cuba and Peru. Erica has also published online learning materials. In addition to the CELTA and Delta, she has a first class honours degree in ceramic design.

  • Fran

    Fran began her ELT career in the 1990s, gaining teaching experience both in the UK and overseas (Australia, South Korea and Czech Republic) with adults and children before becoming a teacher trainer at St Giles Brighton in 2003. She is an approved Cambridge CELTA, Delta and ICELT tutor and works as a Cambridge CELTA Assessor. As well as training on the CELTA at St Giles Brighton, Fran co-ordinates the in-house Teachers of English courses (TEC) and the Cambridge TKT preparation course for experienced teachers. She is also the St Giles Learning Support Officer, responsible for providing one-to-one support for students with specific learning needs. Fran has undertaken teacher training assignments for the St Giles Educational Trust in Bangladesh, Russia Uzbekistan and Senegal.

  • Nick

    Nick has a first class degree in English Literature and he has been an English teacher since 1997. After completing his initial training at St Giles Brighton, he taught in South Korea for several years. During this time, Nick became a teacher trainer and since returning to St Giles in 2006 he has worked on CELTA, Delta and ICELT courses. Nick has also undertaken teacher training assignments for the St Giles Educational Trust in Russia, Bangladesh and Algeria and he has a particular interest in resource development.

  • Pippa

    Pippa has been involved in ELT since the early noughties and has worked as teacher and trainer in various countries. She has a passion for helping people to develop their language skills and/or teaching skills. Pippa regularly trains on the CELTA course at St Giles Brighton as well as on short courses for experienced teachers and she is an approved Delta Module 2 tutor. She has a particular interest in developing new teaching and training materials: she has designed a grammar course aimed at post-CELTA teachers and she has created and delivered training sessions at conferences.


  • Sharon

    Sharon began teaching in Singapore a number of years ago and moved to New York in 2006 to pursue a Master’s Degree in TESOL at Columbia University. She has taught in a variety of settings including the English Language preparation program at two different universities in Chicago and the Community English program at Teachers College in New York City. Sharon became a teacher trainer in 2009 and an assessor in 2014 and she is now the Head of Teacher Training for St Giles New York City. She is particularly interested in field research on ‘Autonomous Learning’ and using the ‘flipped classroom’ as a vehicle for independent learning and teaching.