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In-service Certificate in English Language Teaching

In-service Certificate in English Language Teaching

ICELT (In-service Certificate in English Language Teaching) is a Cambridge award for practising teachers of English, which aims to enhance and develop candidates' teaching knowledge and expertise and professional English language skills. Many non-native speaker teachers study for this award, but native speaker teachers of English may also do so. 

The programme is divided into two modules:

Module One: Component One: Language for Teachers

Module Two: Teaching and Methodology

Candidates must have at least an upper-intermediate level of English, and should be practising teachers.

Module One can be completed either in the UK, or in the participants' home country. Module Two can only be completed in the candidates' home country, as the teachers' teaching context must be taken into account.

Module One standalone or Modules One and Two combined is offered to closed groups of teachers, who should contact us as a ready-formed group to make arrangements.


You may be able to get some help towards the cost of your course at St Giles International and your stay in the UK, from the new EU programme ERASMUS+.

Please note that individuals cannot apply for funds from this programme, but your school, college or university can apply for an ERASMUS+ mobility project once a year, in March, and they can use this to support your participation. Your organisation will need our PIC (Personal Identification Code) number which is: 943613867

You can download a short ERASMUS+ information sheet here and you can find more details of ERASMUS+ on the European Commission website.

For more information, please download our Teacher Training Brochure or contact us.

"I really like the location of St Giles Highgate. I think it's a very beautiful and quiet area. Especially the school's garden is amazing. I feel like I'm learning English around nature all the time."
Jooyeon,South Korea