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Frequently Asked Questions about CELTA

How do I apply for a CELTA course at St Giles?
Complete our application form, either online or contact your centre of choice directly to get a paper copy. Once this is received, you will need to complete our Pre-Course Language Awareness Task. You will get this directly from your chosen centre and it is something all potential candidates are required to complete whether they are native or non-native speakers.
Where can I take a CELTA course?
You can take a Cambridge CELTA Course at St Giles Brighton, St Giles London Central, St Giles London Highgate, St Giles New York City or St Giles San Francisco.
How often does St Giles run CELTA courses?
There are regular start dates for full-time CELTA courses throughout the year, depending on the location. See our Teacher Training Dates and Fees list.
How demanding is the CELTA course?
We offer an intensive course at all our CELTA centres and an online, blended learning course in San Francisco. Both options require a minimum of 120 hours of training. You should also bear in mind that a further minimum of 80 hours is needed in the evenings and at weekends for the required reading, research, written assignments and lesson preparation. Despite being intensive, the course is also rewarding and enjoyable and your tutors will support you throughout the process.
Do I need to have a good knowledge of English grammar?
You need to demonstrate a reasonable level of language as the course is mainly about how to teach English rather than the language itself. Your tutors can judge this through the Language Awareness Task and interview. However, you don’t need to know the names of all tenses in English and their specific uses; we are looking for natural language ability and grammar is only one part of language awareness. We will help you to improve your knowledge of English grammar throughout the course.
How should I prepare for the course?
We recommend doing some background reading and we will provide you with a booklist once you are accepted on the course. At the same time, we will also send you a pre-course task. This comes with an answer key and doesn’t form part of the assessment. We highly recommend doing it as it touches on some of the key issues that will come up on the course and will give you a good basis on which to build on your knowledge. We also offer a one-day grammar course to help trainees prepare for the language elements of the course.
What is the teacher training pass rate at St Giles?
We have an average pass rate of 99%.
Can I still take a CELTA course if English is my second language?
Yes, but you need to demonstrate a good level of language ability through the Language Awareness Task and in the interview. The course is for native and near-native speakers of English (minimum C2). However, people for whom English is their second language often have a better knowledge of how English works because they have had to learn it.
Can St Giles provide accommodation during my course?
Yes, details of our various accommodation options are available on request.
Can I teach children as well as adults with a CELTA certificate?
Yes. The skills you will learn on the CELTA course are transferable to teaching children. There is an extra qualification that you can take which focuses specifically on teaching children but you need to take the CELTA first.
Where can I teach English once I have completed my CELTA course?
The CELTA qualification is internationally recognised so you can work anywhere in the world once you finish your course. The world is your oyster!
Does St Giles employ any of its teacher training graduates?
Yes. We regularly employ trainee teachers off our courses. 36 of our teacher training graduates were recruited by St Giles between September 2015 and September 2016.

"St Giles Brighton is very well located and I think that the course and the teachers are very good!"
Adrian, Spain