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Online Teacher Development Courses

What’s next in your English language teaching career?

Maybe you are a recently qualified English language teacher or you have many years’ experience. Maybe you teach in a government school, a private language school, a university, an educational charity or in business/industry. Whatever your teaching context, it is always important to continue learning and updating your professional skills and knowledge.

We understand the importance of continuing professional development (CPD) to maintaining the quality of ELT. Our series of short CPD courses on English language teaching methodology are taught live online by experienced teacher educators. This means that you can access them from wherever you are in the world and interact/share experience with an international community of teachers. You will also have access to our online materials for additional study.

We have asked English language teachers about the topics that interest them and we will continue to add new courses to our programme. If you have a suggestion for a new course please email us at: teachertraining@stgiles.co.uk

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English Language Teaching Methodology - Skills
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English Language Teaching Methodology – Systems
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English Language Teaching Methodology - Special Interest ELT courses
Current Courses
  • “The CELTA course that I took at St. Giles London Central was well worth the money spent. The tutors are extremely knowledgeable and experienced and they did a great job equipping us during our time as trainee teachers. The input sessions gave a great foundation on which to base our teaching practice”.

    Deborah Chew
  • “I took great pleasure in studying at St Giles London Central. Despite the fact that the course itself was quite intense, our tutors did their best to make it enjoyable and useful. They made me feel well-supported and confident”.

    Ekaterina Bondarenko
  • “Doing a CELTA course at St. Giles London Central was one the most rewarding experiences of my life. Though I taught for 8 years before the course in my country, it revealed methods and strategies of teaching English language which were new to me. It changed my way of teaching and gave me a lot of confidence”.

    Kanwaljeet Kaur