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St Giles Platinum Live Course Banner


St Giles Platinum Live



Course Duration
1 week +

Start Dates
Every Monday

Lessons per week
20 Group lessons or one-to-ones in multiples of 5

Lesson length
50 minutes

Maximum in class

Time zones available

St Giles Platinum Live offers our fantastic high-quality Platinum lessons as virtual lessons! Students can choose from 20 Platinum Group lessons, one-to-one lessons in groups of 5, or a mixture of both. Group lessons help students work with and learn from similar students from around the world and one-to-one lessons offer the chance to enjoy totally personalised lessons.

Join our virtual courses and enjoy:

  • our high-quality Platinum lessons, given by our committed and experienced teachers
  • maximum class sizes of 5 for group lessons
  • flexible lesson times for one-to-one lessons
  • a choice of two time zones for Platinum Group lessons (BST and PDT)
  • great online resources and access to our e-learning software
  • virtual social activities, from the comfort of your own home

Platinum Group virtual lessons are available from either 9:00-13:00 BST or 9:00-13:00 PDT, and social activities are available across multiple time zones. 

Pricing: 20 Platinum Group lessons for £400 per week and 5 one-to-one lessons for £200.

You can book online, or send our enrolment form to live@stgiles.co.uk

Course Objectives

After you take a St Giles Platinum Live Course at St Giles, you should: