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Common Canadian Greetings

If you are planning to study English in Vancouver with St Giles, these examples of common Canadian greetings and responses will help you when meeting people there!

1) How ya doin? 

This means "How are you doing?" or "How are you" and possible answers include:  Great / fine / super, how about you? / hey, what’s up? / OK I guess / Not so bad / Not too bad

2) Howz it goin? 

This means "How is it going?" and possible answers include: Great / fine / super , how about you? / hey, what’s up? / OK I guess / Not so bad / Not too bad

Normally with these questions it is considered bad form to give true answers if they are negative, although you might say something like "Not so good, I have a bad cold".

3) Whadder yup to? 

This "What are you up to?" or "What are you doing" and possible answers might include: not much / keeping busy /  Oh, I’ve been busy / Just the usual / Just getting some shopping done / 


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