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Dreaming in English – some Idioms with “dream"

Dream come true – When you want something, perhaps for a long time, and it finally happens, we say it’s a dream come true.    For example:  I just received a letter of acceptance to join the Royal Winnipeg Ballet!  This is a dream come true!

In your dreams!  Or Dream on! – This is something we might say sarcastically when someone suggests that they will be successful at something and we disagree.  For example:  John:  I’m going to take Veronica to our staff party this year.   Pete:  Ha!  In your dreams!  She has a boyfriend you know.

Living the American Dream –  Living well, in a land of opportunities.   For example:  When my cousin Albert moved to San Francisco, he was living the American Dream.  He worked really hard and was able to earn enough money to buy a house and enjoy personal freedom.

Dream job, dream home, dream car –  What would your “dream job” be?  [the best possible job to fit your personality, interests, and financial goals]

Daydream – To not pay attention to what’s going on at the moment because you are thinking about something else.  If someone does this a lot, we call this person a daydreamer.

A pipe dream – This is something that is not likely to happen.  For example:  I have a friend, Tony, who keeps talking about starting a travel business, even though he has no money and no experience.  It’s just a pipe dream.

Living in a dream world – Not really connected to reality.  Someone who is living in a dream world has unrealistic ideas and expectations.

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