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Tips for Preparing to Study English Abroad

Before you come to study English with us at St Giles, we recommend the following to help you prepare:

  • Start getting your “English ears” on. Watch Youtube viedos, listen to news broadcasts, watch movies in English. This will help you to adjust to the sounds of English you will hear from your teachers, homestay hosts, and everyone you meet.
  • Review some basics – memorise your irregular verbs, practise saying the verbs in their three forms – V1, V2, V3
  • Read, read, read in English. It’s the best way to gain vocabulary and get a “sense” of structure.
  • Learn key phrases and vocabulary to get you to your first destination. For example: one piece of luggage is a suitcase, we often call them bags. Customs officers ask questions like: Do you have anything to declare? What is your intended purpose of this trip? Where are you staying (that means Where will you be staying?)