Special Courses

Special Courses

At St Giles, we prioritise practical English learning in real-life settings to boost confidence beyond the classroom. Our schools, situated in English-speaking countries, provide an immersive environment for continuous practice. 

Additionally, we offer specialised courses tailored to equip you with the skills needed for future studies or career paths, complementing our general 'real-world' English courses.

In Vancouver, our Business English course focuses on developing essential business and language skills, covering topics such as communication strategies, business vocabulary, presentations, cultural understanding, marketing, negotiation, sales, and effective telephone use. We aim to instil confidence in students, especially in English communication with potential employers.

General English plus English for Business

General English plus English for Business

  • English for business purposes. 20 morning lessons of General English + 8 afternoon lessons of English for Business. (For Vancouver 10 afternoon lessons of English for Business).

  • Develop communication skills for the workplace

Secret London for Under 18s

Secret Cities: English plus Unique Experiences

  • Combine English language lessons with unique experiences of the city, to study and discover English in a very different way.

  • 20 lessons per week of General English, plus activities and excursions

English for University Studies

English for University Studies

  • Develop key skills for University life in the UK

  • Improve your fluency and prepare for University life

General English plus Art & Design

General English plus Art & Design

  • Combine a General English course with English for Art & Design

  • Take this course before going to university, or just for leisure

General English plus Leadership

2-week course

  • The first week focuses on building a foundation

  • the second week allows participants to apply these skills through project work.

  • Available in Cambridge, Eastbourne and London Highgate.

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