Platinum Business Courses

Platinum Business Courses

At St Giles, we offer Platinum Language Training at three of our centres across the UK and Canada. Whichever location you choose, the best thing about learning English in an English speaking country is that every interaction helps you practise. Whether you’re in a lesson, watching a show at the theatre or ordering food for your evening meal, you’ll be using English. If you’re hoping to develop your language skills in a short amount of time, our Platinum Courses are the ideal option for you. They are designed for busy professionals, executives and mature learners who hope to improve quickly.

You can choose to study in specialised one-to-one sessions, where the lessons are tailor-made to meet your specific personal needs. It’s entirely up to you how many of these lessons you have per week and the teacher can, if you choose, focus on your specialised professional area. Alternatively, you can opt for small group sessions where classes will have a maximum of five students.

Your lessons will take place in one of our dedicated Platinum Centres, which have comfortable modern classrooms and a Platinum Clubhouse for you to enjoy outside of class. On a Platinum course, you will have the opportunity to meet and network with other professionals from all over the world.

Our Platinum Combination Course

Our Platinum Combination Course combines one-to-one lessons with group sessions. This combination is great for those who enjoy collaborative learning but who would also like to focus on their individual needs. The other option is Flexible Training which is specially designed for individuals with hectic schedules who don’t have the time to attend regular classes. Instead, we can offer lessons in-company, on weekends or even via Skype.


Platinum One-to-One

  • Tailor-made lessons designed to meet your individual needs

  • Choose from 15, 20, 25, 30 or 35 lessons per week

Group Courses

Platinum Group

  • Small groups, maximum 5 per class of the same language level

  • Focus on real-life situations with hands-on-tasks and role play

Platinum Combination

Platinum Combination

  • Combine the dynamics of group training with tailor-made one-to-one lessons

  • One-to-one lessons focus on your personal needs and objectives

Flexible Training

Weekend, In-company and Skype Training

  • Designed for busy professionals

  • Have lessons at weekends, at your office whilst in the UK or Canada, or via Skype if you do not have time to travel abroad

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