Your Teachers

Your Teachers

Our teachers are our greatest strength. They are supportive, professional and focused on helping you achieve your personal goals.

Teaching Style

The St Giles approach to teaching and learning a language is ‘Learner Centred’. This means that we focus on the needs, interests and aims of our students, and plan the content of the course on the basis of this information.

Our learners are encouraged to participate actively in the process of learning and acquiring the new language, and we aim to promote learner independence. All our teachers plan fast-paced interactive lessons so that students are motivated to learn and our courses are interesting, relevant and enjoyable.


All our teachers are qualified, native level English speakers, and many have years of experience. We also have a high ratio of Diploma and Masters qualified teachers across our schools.

Teacher Development Programme

All our centres have a teacher development programme helping our teachers to continually improve their skills. We also encourage them to take further qualifications and all teachers are regularly observed and appraised.


As part of our Teacher Development effort, we employ a group-wide scheme of graded teacher observations, whereby teachers can learn from the practice of others and receive dedicated feedback on their performance and progress. This process helps to maintain consistent teaching standards at all our centres and upholds St Giles’ reputation for high quality teaching

“All my teachers have been great. They are all knowledgeable and able to answer any questions. They try also to make classes more interesting. All classes were challenging but at the same time relevant. My time at St Giles couldn't have been better!”

Baniapa, Gabon, St Giles Brighton 2015