Long Term English Language courses

Long Term English Language courses

Our Long Term English Language courses are perfect for students who want to spend 6 months (24 weeks) or more studying English and experiencing life in an English-speaking country.

If you’re taking a year out of education and want to use your time productively, a Long Term English Language course might be the answer. These courses are also ideal for students who want to prepare for future study, who are getting ready for entry to university, or who need to improve their English for their future careers.

These long term courses are designed to be as flexible as possible. Students have the option to split their studies across different St Giles centres and experience life in different cities. You can also choose between an intensive programme of 28 lessons per week or a 20 lesson programme.
Students who want to go to university in an English-speaking country might be interested in a Pathway Programme. These programmes combine language study with the development of academic study skills and students on these courses will have access to academic counselling throughout their time with us. Alternatively, students can progress to a range of university preparation courses via our partner INTO.

International Semester Courses

International Semester Courses (24 weeks +)

  • Long-term flexible English language courses

  • Ideal if you are looking for a gap year in the UK or Canada

St Giles/INTO Pathway Programme

University Pathway Programmes with INTO

  • Attend a long-term International Semester Course at St Giles

  • Prepare for university study with INTO in the UK

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