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English for Special Purposes

At St Giles, we want our students to learn English in a practical manner, so that they feel confident using it in a natural environment, not just the classroom. This is why all of our schools are located in English speaking countries, so that students can continue practising even after lessons are over.

Although all of our courses allow you to develop your ‘real-world’ English we also have various English for Special Purposes courses on offer. These are designed to give you the skills and experience you will need for your future studies or career.

Our Business English course in Vancouver, for example, focuses on topics that will develop core business skills as well as language skills. These topics include: meetings and communication strategies, business vocabulary, presentation skills, understanding cultural differences, marketing, negotiating and selling and finally, using the telephone. Essentially, we want our students to leave our schools feeling completely comfortable communicating in English, especially with potential employers.

In the UK, we also provide the opportunity for students to take volunteer (unpaid) internships. These programmes allow students to gain useful international work experience and develop both their language and their professional skills. Please note that these are subject to visa restrictions.

Here is a full list of all of the special purposes courses available at St Giles (click the links to find out more):

  • General English plus English for Business
  • Business English
  • English for University Studies
  • General English plus Art & Design
  • Internship Programmes
  • Academic Purposes
General English plus English for Business
General English plus English for Business
  • Combine 20 morning General English lessons with 8 English for Business lessons in the afternoons
  • Develop communication skills for the workplace
Business English
A Practical Business English Programme
  • Highly intensive Business English programme 
  • Practical, task-based lessons with an emphasis on real life situations
Secret Cities
Secret Cities: English plus Unique Experiences
  • Combine English language lessons with unique experiences of the city, to study and discover English in a very different way. 
  • 20 lessons per week of General English, plus activities and excursions
English for University Studies
English for University Studies
  • Develop key skills for University life in the UK
  • Improve your fluency and prepare for University life
General English plus Art & Design
General English plus Art & Design
  • Combine a General English course with English for Art & Design
  • Take this course before going to university, or just for leisure
Internship Programmes
English + Unpaid Internship
  • After taking an English course at St Giles, gain experience in a working environment with an English-speaking organisation
  • Available in the UK only
Academic Purposes
English for Academic Purposes
  • Develop key skills for University life in the USA
  • Improve your fluency and prepare for University life

"I met a lot of people from all of the world. The courses were very good and also the teachers. I had a good time during the two months in this school."
Jonas, Switzerland