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General English

At St Giles, we offer a wide variety of courses at our schools around the world. Our aim is to help you improve your English language skills, make progress and achieve your aims. Learning English in an English-speaking country is ideal because it allows you to perfect your skills quickly and easily with practice both inside and outside the classroom.

Our General English courses are designed to help students communicate successfully and confidently in real-life situations. Classes have a maximum of twelve students, to ensure that every student receives personal attention from their teacher. Although classes have a focus on speaking and listening, students have the chance to practise all four skills, helping them reach their full potential. Students can choose to study for anything from 1 to 24 weeks; any students who want to study for longer should look at our International Semester Courses.


No matter what your requirements or current level, there will be a course that’s right for you.

An Intensive Course of 28 lessons per week (or 30 lessons in Vancouver) is perfect for those who are dedicated and ambitious and want to make fast progress. The group learning environment will allow you to interact with other language learners from around the world. Our courses of 20 lessons per week offer greater flexibility – you can study at home for part of the day, spend time exploring the city, or even combine it with private one-to-one lessons for a more intensive and personal experience.

Our Basic Beginner Course is a carefully structured programme that lasts 2-4 weeks. It is perfect for students with little to no English language knowledge, and aims to teach essential language skills and build confidence. Supportive group classes focus on basic grammar and vocabulary and on speaking and listening skills.

One-to-one General English Courses are the most flexible option because they allow you to tailor your learning experience to your own requirements. During classes, you can focus on your own needs, developing your skills in a short amount of time. Students can also combine one-to-one lessons with any of our group programmes.

In Cambridge, Eastbourne and London Highgate, we offer a General English course for students aged 14-15. The course combines 28 lessons a week with 3 supervised activities. It allows younger students to study in a year-round adult school, for up to 16 weeks (available all year-round).

"This school was amazing! Teachers, location, friends everything ... When I was in St Giles I was really happy I didn't want to go back my country. Thanks for Everything :)"
Nursima ,Turkey