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Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE)


B2/C1 (Upper Intermediate/Advanced)

Course Duration
4-13 weeks

Start Dates
Set start dates

Lessons per week
20, 22 or 28

Lesson length
50 minutes

Maximum in class

Available at
Brighton, Eastbourne, London Central, London Highgate, New York City, San Francisco, Vancouver
  • The St Giles Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) course is for Upper Intermediate to Advanced English speakers.  
  • It is one of several Cambridge examination preparation courses offered at St Giles.
  • Also available as a module as part of one of our International Semester Course (ISC) programmes.

Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) Course Objectives

The Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) course aims to help students understand upper intermediate and advanced levels of English, demonstrate independent study skills and take internationally recognised exams.

Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) Course Description

The CAE course begins with a placement test and orientation, during which students are introduced to the CAE exam and to their student peers.

The Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) course includes the following lessons:

  • Vocabulary lessons such as ‘Character Adjectives’ and ‘Dictionary Skills’
  • Speaking lessons which include Oxford University Press (OUP) videos
  • Listening lessons such as ‘Authentic Listening’ and ‘Short Extracts’
  • Grammar lessons such as ‘Relative Clauses’ and ‘Gerunds/Infinitives’
  • Writing lessons such as ‘Formal Letters’ and ‘Writing a Response to a Film'
  • Reading lessons such as the ‘Book Intro’ and ‘Multiple Choice’

Progress is measured throughout the CAE course and there is a review of unit material at the end of each week. Please find a CAE complete sample timetable here.

Further Information

Course Objectives

After you take a CAE at St Giles, you should:

Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) courses available in:

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"I love the school really friendly excellent teachers. I learn a lot. I really enjoyed my time here. I felt like the school was my own home"

David ,Colombia