Blog January 25, 2012 by St Giles

Student Stories: Christmas in San Francisco

Judong Lee is currently studying English at our San Francisco School. Here he writes about his free time over the Christmas/New Year break.

My plan for the holiday was going to Lake Tahoe with friends who I met in San Francisco. I have my family’s credit card so I thought I could rent a car, but I heard that without my own credit card, I would not be allowed to rent a car. At that moment, my friends and I were looking for every possibility to rent a car but we couldn’t find anything! So we decided to stay in San Francisco.

It seemed like a boring thing to do at the time, but this decision turned out to be a good idea because I met a very nice American couple at my friend’s residence. We hung out with that couple and we rented a bicycle to use around the whole of San Francisco. We started in downtown S.F. and rode to Sausalito. It was awesome! I could see the entire city and the Golden Gate Bridge which I’ve really been looking forward to seeing.

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