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St Giles

General English Course (Under 16s) – Brighton & Vancouver

Is finding the right English language course for your children proving challenging? We have the solution!

At St Giles International, our specialised General English Juniors (Under 16s) course is tailored for teenagers aged 14 to 16. Designed to boost proficiency and confidence, this program helps students improve their English speaking, writing, and listening skills.

Initially offering this course in Eastbourne, London Highgate, and Cambridge, we have now opened our doors to Brighton and Vancouver!

After taking this course, students will gain key skills that will allow them to:

  • To speak with greater confidence and fluency – allowing for daily conversation.
  • Develop listening, reading, and writing skills.
  • Have a greater understanding of the grammatical structure of English.

This course offers an intensive English experience with the added benefit of three student social activities every week (included in the price). Download our example timetable to understand what the weekly classes would look like!

Why Choose Our Brighton & Vancouver Cities

Both Coastal Cities

st giles international brighton palace pier

Vancouver, Canada, and Brighton, England, are coastal cities that attract tourists locally and internationally annually. Students will be exposed to urban and natural lifestyles that will broaden their perspective of the world around them.

Brighton is home to one of the UK’s most famous, vibrant, and popular beaches that offers a variety of activities for locals and visitors. Students who enjoy art and museums, a delicious and endless selection of cuisine, and a beautiful walk by the sea will have a delightful time studying here.

Vancouver also mixes urban and natural landscapes from mountains, offering picturesque sea views. Students can enjoy a great public market at Granville Island, just 9 minutes from Vancouver, to find fresh-baked goods, local produce, flowers, and seafood!

Healthy and Active Lifestyle

skiing in vancouver with st giles international

For those looking to engage in a healthy and active lifestyle, both Vancouver and Brighton have plenty to offer.

Brighton charms with its safe beaches and vibrant marina, offering activities like sailing and paddleboarding. Keen cyclists will also be encouraged with Brighton offering bikes to rent throughout the city with many cycle lanes to ensure quick and safe passage through the city.

Vancouver, nestled between the Pacific Ocean and mountains, provides a secure urban setting filled with kayaking, swimming, and more opportunities. In the winter, Vancouver is also the perfect spot for avid skiers with plenty of great ski resorts that cater to all levels and abilities.

Both cities excel in promoting an active, outdoor lifestyle in a secure environment, making them perfect for young sports enthusiasts.

Diverse, Safe, and Relaxed Atmospheres.

Brighton and Vancouver have a great reputation as student cities, proud of their diverse history and culture.

Brighton is known for being one of the most diverse cities in the UK. The local population consists of a great mix of spoken languages, cultures, beliefs, and ethnicities.

Vancouver also celebrates its diversity and the influence other cultures have had on its history, find vibrant celebrations every year for Lunar New Year, Italian Day, German Christmas, Sikh, and more.

Students of all ages are welcomed and will feel at home, as it won’t take long to find someone of the same background in the city.

Appreciation of Art and Music

Vancouver and Brighton’s art and music appreciation can be seen in the city. This is ideal for any student interested in both learning English and Art.

Vancouver offers plenty of art galleries for students to explore, such as the Contemporary Art Gallery and the Vancouver Art Gallery, and offers opera, symphony, and ballet to enjoy and gain artistic inspiration.

Brighton also shows its appreciation of art through the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery and the Hove Museum of Creativity. You can also witness this appreciation while you walk down the streets and by the sea — it’s common for Brighton to promote street art and works done by the locals by the seafront itself!

Our centres in Brighton and Vancouver offer ideal settings for teenagers seeking to enhance their English skills under the guidance of experienced and qualified instructors, all while safely exploring vibrant cities in Canada and the UK.

You can learn more about our General English Courses at our Brighton and centres on our website, or feel free to contact our booking team for additional information. Ready to secure your place in the course? Head straight to our booking page now!