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4 Reasons to take a Teachers of English Course

Are you looking to enhance or update your English language teacher skills?

A teacher development course is perfect for non-first-language speaker teachers of English who want to enhance their professional knowledge and teaching methodologies while improving their English language skills.

Here are reasons why you should take a teacher development course:

Why you should take a TEC Course

#1 Refresh your teaching methodologies

Teaching, like most careers, is ever-evolving. The most effective teachers strive to adapt their teaching to each student and class’s learning style. By doing so, teachers can tailor each lesson according to student needs.

No two students are identical. Therefore, a varied approach to classes is the most effective way to keep students engaged and willing to learn. Ensuring that teaching methods can cater to these different learning styles is essential.

With the latest teaching methodologies, teachers will be able to provide the most effective English language experience. This will help students become exposed to the latest language learning strategies, which will help them make significant progress in the English language.

#2 Help you plan for lessons better

During a teacher training course, English language teachers can test their knowledge through the new teaching methodologies shown in classes.

Experience what it’s like to be a student and what is needed to learn these new concepts effectively ahead of time. This preparation can help teachers prepare classes based on methodologies that suit specific classes and students.

#3 Confidence and Enhancing English language skills

Teachers will have increased knowledge and English language proficiency which will help them teach and answer any challenging questions. This will not only boost their confidence but, also the confidence of students in their teachers.

Also, by taking a training course with fellow English language teachers, you will have the added opportunity to learn from each other and observe varied approaches to class management. Their insights and experiences in class management can give you years of knowledge that will boost your confidence.

#4 Use of the latest teaching aids and resources

Modern teaching resources and aids can enhance the classroom environment, helping to engage students, improve their comprehension, and increase their overall achievement.

Even the most experienced teachers need to continuously learn the uses of a wide array of tools and resources. By educating teachers on these tools, they can ensure that their students are equipped with the resources to nurture their education.

For example, today’s students have become highly tech-savvy. Therefore, incorporating technology and online resources that promote interactivity is encouraged more in classrooms. This is more likely to replicate the tools and resources in their homes for further learning.

TEC at St Giles International

During St Giles International’s TEC training, trainees will explore specific aspects of teaching methodologies and techniques. They will also learn how to utilise and evaluate a range of teaching aids and resources.

By the end of the course, the teachers will receive a St Giles ‘Teacher of English Course Certificate’ recognised by the British Council as an accredited language centre.

Our course is very flexible and caters to the needs of our participants. These TEC courses can also be done with ‘closed groups’ of teachers/schools travelling to St Giles together at any time of the year.

Entry Requirements

To truly benefit from our TEC course, we require all participants to have at least a B2 on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) – equivalent to Cambridge English: First.

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If you are ready to apply for our TEC course, you can do so by emailing our bookings team at booking@stgiles.co.uk.