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St Giles

Studying at St Giles Cambridge

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Have you booked or been interested in a St Giles International Cambridge course?

Regardless of what course you booked, this student guide highlights information about the school and the available resources for our students.

Read our shortened version of our student guide below to learn more about St Giles Cambridge.

St Giles International Cambridge Guide

2nd FloorClassrooms 7- 8
Quiet Room / Computer Room
Study Room with Tablets
1st FloorClassrooms 4 – 6
Ground FloorClassrooms 1 -3
Principal’s Office
The Office
BasementTeachers Room
Director of Studies Office
st giles cambridge floorplan

Resources & Facilities

Class Resources

Coursebooks: You will use coursebooks during lessons with your teacher, informing you which one you need to buy for the class. We recommend not annotating/writing on the textbooks for the first few lessons in case you switch classes.

Classrooms: Various materials and facilities will be used in the classrooms. All classrooms feature an interactive whiteboard and resources like the Internet, newspapers, music, and films.

Homework: Students should expect homework to be set every day. It should take approximately 30 minutes to complete and aim to improve their English language skills even outside the classroom.

School Facilities

Students are free to use any of the free areas within the school. They are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. These are our students’ favourite areas for quiet and productive study time.

Study Centre: Have some tablets students can use along with the coursebooks to access online materials.

Computer Room: desktop computers to access online studying materials.

Online Resources






Student Resources

Internet – Wi-Fi is available throughout St Giles Cambridge, with posters containing passwords throughout the building. This includes internet connections in the care and study centres on the second floor.

Welfare Support – Should any worries or concerns arise during your course with us, our staff can speak to you. However, if this is a more serious or personal issue, speak to our welfare and safeguarding officers: Amy Calvert (Student Services Officer), Rasny Magalhaes (Accommodation Officer), or our designated Safeguarding Lead, Stephen Parsons (Principal).

Health & Safety

Fire—In the event of a fire alarm, students are expected to leave the building immediately through the nearest fire exit while keeping close to their teachers. Any instructions given by the fire marshals must be followed.

Please ensure you know the fire exit locations and where meeting points are.

First Aid—If you have any accidents or illnesses, please notify your teachers or any staff member. We have members of staff trained in first aid to help you.

For non-emergency medical advice, you can call 111 to get advice directly from the NHS (this number is free to use). For emergencies that need police, fire, or ambulance assistance, the number to call is 999.

School Security

ID Cards – whenever at school, please ensure that you always wear your student ID as important contact details are on it. This student ID will also unlock special discounts and offers at local shops.

Lanyards – Upon arrival, all students are provided lanyards that holds their student IDs. These lanyards will be of different colours based on the following groups: blue for 18+. Red for under 18s, black for staff, and yellow for visitors.

Personal Possessions – Please be mindful of your personal possessions and not leave them unattended for any reason. This includes the bikes you may use to get to school, make sure that if you do bring a bike to school you lock it in a secure location. Do not lock your bikes at the wheel as this is not secure enough and you have front and rear lights along with a helmet.

Food at St Giles Cambridge

The Café offers a selection of freshly prepared hot or cold food and drinks for our students and staff to purchase during break times. Our café is always open for feedback and is looking for ways to improve our service – don’t be afraid to let us know what types of food you would like us to provide.

Should you want to eat elsewhere, there are plenty of nearby restaurants and cafes for you to choose from.