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Reasons why your child should take a St Giles Juniors English Course

The English language is one of the world’s international languages, and for many parents, it’s essential for their children to gain English-speaking skills that will benefit them now and in the future.

While English language courses at school are valuable, nothing compares to the immersive experience of enrolling in an English Course for Juniors abroad. This option may seem intimidating, but here are compelling reasons to allow your children to embrace this incredible opportunity during the summer.

st giles juniors immersive learning

Reasons to Choose an English Course for Juniors

Immersive Learning Experience

Many schools worldwide teach English as part of their curriculum. However, this doesn’t guarantee that effective communication skills can be developed in real-world circumstances.

Allowing your children to study abroad in an English-speaking country will enable them to learn English in an environment where they are encouraged to read, write, and speak in English. Through this experience, your children will be surrounded by native English speakers, allowing them to adapt and practice what they learn during classes in a real-world setting.

independence during st giles juniors course

Builds Confidence and Independence

By sending your children on an English course for juniors abroad, you will also enable them to develop essential life skills in a safe and secure environment.

They will learn key skills such as organisation, as they will be expected to attend their classes on time, complete their homework, ask for help when needed, and manage their daily routines. This level of independence is not easily replicated at home.

juniors course future opportunities

Gateway to Future Possibilities

English is an international language for business and a crucial means of global communication. In today’s increasingly competitive job market, mastering effective English reading, writing, and communication skills can give your children a significant advantage.

Moreover, universities and higher education institutions highly value students with strong English language proficiency. This enhances your children’s chances of admission to their preferred courses and programs.

Unforgettable Experience

An English Course for Juniors abroad offers more than just education; they provide a fun and unique experience that allows your children to engage with peers from around the globe.

This opportunity helps them develop meaningful friendships and broadens their global perspective. By interacting with locals and fellow students from diverse backgrounds, they gain valuable insights into different cultures, fostering a deeper understanding of the world.

English Course for Juniors at St Giles

Every year, our schools welcome children aged 8 to 17 from around the world to join a fun and educational course.

During the course, students enjoy a full package at various locations in the UK, including Brighton, Canterbury, London, and Oxford.

Our packages include:

  • 20 lessons (16.7 hours) each week from qualified teachers
  • Accommodation on university and independent school campuses
  • All meals are provided with a healthy and varied menu
  • 24-hour supervision and support
  • Weekly excursions: at least 2 full-day and 1 half-day per week
  • Daytime and evening social activities
  • Optional English language or sports programs
  • Airport transfers available (additional fees may apply)
  • All course materials and a certificate of completion

Check out our themed summer programs like Secret Cities and The St Giles School of English and Wizardry!

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