Special Educational Needs

Special Educational Needs

Special Educational Needs at St Giles International - UK

The English Language Teaching (ELT) industry is much friendlier to students with special educational needs and learning difficulties than many other kinds of education. The maximum class size at St Giles year-round centres is just 12 which results in each student receiving a high level of individual attention. It is well understood within the industry that students learn languages in different ways and teachers are normally experienced at adapting and differentiating materials and lessons for individual types of learners.

St Giles centres do not have the same access to resources and expertise that is typically available in the state system at primary and secondary school level for example, but we can offer a basic level of support for learners with minor to moderate learning difficulties.

Our London Central, London Highgate, Eastbourne and Brighton centres also have a Special Needs coordinator who is available to meet and advise teachers and students on a range of learning needs.

Please note that it is very important that full information is disclosed to the school about any special educational needs during the enrolment process and not just after arrival. This will help us to better prepare for your learning.

Below you can download the Special Needs policy for each of the UK schools: