Local Attractions March 29, 2012 by

St Giles

Adventures in New York!

New York is full of wonderful and exciting events. You never know what kind of adventures you will have when you start exploring the city. One Platinum student studying at our English school in New York, Miriam from Brazil, recently had a lucky experience at New York Fashion Week.

Below she tell us what happened:

I had an exciting experience when I came to study English at St Giles New York.  On February 12th my classmate Isabela and I were at Lincoln Center to see a program when someone lost his or her Fashion Week invitation. We both entered with the ticket we found and took a photo with the car, SL550 from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week that was sent by them. We had a really fun time.

St Giles International offers a New York Social Program for students. On February 13th we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge on a beautiful and cold afternoon, guided by our teacher Bernadette. We took many pictures of Manhattan and we had dinner in the famous pizzeria Grimaldi’s. I recommend it!

St Giles students can experience many adventures while studying at our English school in New York City. Studying English in New York offers great opportunities to explore this fascinating city.  Find out more about our New York Centre online here: https://www.stgiles-international.com/english-language-schools/usa/new-york.