Blog May 29, 2012 by St Giles

Check out the music scene in San Francisco!

Ever wondered what the music scene is like in San Francisco? If you’re interested in checking out some local bands during your stay, Marco Bigolin from Switzerland has a couple of suggestions:


If you like punk-rock music and you go to San Francisco, you’re in luck. There are a couple of clubs that have a good line-up. My favorite locations are Thee Parkside and Bottom of the Hill. Almost all the bands are local bands from California and in my opinion they are good!

The negative side of these locations is that you have to walk about twenty minutes from the 16th Street Bart station in the Mission. But remember, there’s a bus – the number 22. If you’re lucky to catch it you don’t have to walk. Make sure you don’t stand around outside the Bart station for too long because there are a lot of homeless people and shady characters. I can tell you, they’re surely not there for your entertainment!

Well, that’s that! There are many other things to do in San Francisco, but I mostly recommend the musicians.


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