Activities and Events April 28, 2017 by

St Giles

International Food Day

Every year our adult schools hold an “International Food Day” to share and showcase many traditional cuisines from all over the world. Students and staff are all welcome to bring along a dish from their country to sell. All of the money raised through international food day is then donated to the charities that St Giles support. To read more about the charities we contribute towards, please click here.

In the past, I have contributed to international food day at London Central by buying many different delicious treats. This year, however, was different as I actually brought something to sell. I made mini pavlovas with raspberries on top, which went down a treat with the students! For those of you who don’t know what a pavlova is, it is a meringue with cream and fruit on top. There has been a long debate over whether this comes from Australia or New Zealand, but we all know that they really come from New Zealand (I may be biased).

Along with the pavlovas, there were many other treats at the London Central event, including cakes from various countries, tiramisu (Italy), lolly cake (New Zealand), Brigadeiro (Brazilian truffles), beef and rice pots (Korea), apple strudel (Austrian), tex mex salad (Mexican) and more! There were plenty of sweet treats to choose from and in the end, London Central raised the most money out of all of the schools with a total of £372.85, which was trebled by St Giles and donated to charity. This means that the total amount donated was £1,118.55!





The other schools also had successful events and after St Giles trebled the amount raised, the totals came to the following:

Brighton: £1,110.60
Eastbourne: £157
London Highgate: £846
New York City: $126
San Francisco: $ 312
Vancouver: $783

It turned out to be another successful international food day all-round. Thank you to all students and staff who participated, whether it was baking, cooking or eating!