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St Giles

Student Stories: My Most Prized Possession

Ryosuke Hagashi from Japan is currently studying at our San Francisco centre. Here, he tells us about the love of his life: A BMX bike!

I had a freestyle BMX bicycle and it was one of my treasures. When I was a high school student, I saw a man who rode a BMX and did some tricks. It was really cool so I wanted to buy one, but I didn’t have enough money. I decided to work hard to get enough money. Three months later, I was able to buy a BMX and I practiced everyday.

Two years later, I got better. By that time I was not a beginner anymore, so I decided to buy a new one. But a complete bicycle is always for beginners. So I bought just the parts I needed. For example, a frame, pedals, a seat, and wheels. I customized it. I spent a lot of money and built it myself. It cost over $2000. It became my “girlfriend”. I always hung out with it.

When I came to San Francisco, I didn’t bring my bicycle. One month after I arrived I missed it, so I asked my father to send it to me and he did. I always practiced riding it at the clock tower. One day, I went to school on my bike and parked it in front of the school. But I never saw it again. It had been stolen. I had locked it with my bike lock. I lost my “girlfriend”…



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