Social Activities April 12, 2011 by

St Giles

Students vs. Teachers at our St Giles London Central English School!

At St Giles, we think what you get up to when you are not in your English classes is almost as important as the classes themselves!

As part of the social programme, students at St Giles London Central, our English school in the heart of London, can enjoy playing football in the park every Friday afternoon.

On Friday the 25th March, students were treated to an extra special football afternoon – it was Students vs. Teachers day! Our teachers had a break from teaching English, and our students from learning and they came together to show just who was best at playing football!

And the result?  Both teams were equally as good!

More than 25 students came along and played three matches against our English teachers. The students won the first match, the second was a draw, and then teachers won the last match!

You can see some more videos from the afternoon on the St Giles YouTube Channel.

You can also see all the St Giles English schools’ social programmes online, to plan your free time when you come to study with us.