Courses August 16, 2018 by St Giles

10 reasons to study a Platinum Course with St Giles

Have you heard about our Platinum English Language Training courses? We have Platinum Centres at five of our adult centres – in Brighton, London Central, New York City, San Francisco and Vancouver. Our Platinum Training Courses are designed for mature and ambitious learners, business people or professionals looking to develop their English language skills in a limited amount of time. If this sounds like you, then take a look below at the 10 reasons why you should study a Platinum English Language course with St Giles.

Choose Platinum if you answer ‘Yes’ to any of these questions:

1. Do you work for an international company dealing with native English speakers?

In many companies, it is an extremely useful asset as an employee to be able to speak English. You will be able to communicate with English speaking clients and colleagues, which is a great advantage for international companies.

2. Do you want to be able to represent your company in the international market?

It is well-known that English is the lingua franca of the business world. Learning English will give you the ability to communicate effectively in situations where English is the only common language.

3. Do you want to learn with likeminded and mature professionals?

In our Platinum Centres, you will learn in a focused environment with people who have a similar motivation for learning English as yourself. You and your fellow students will be able to help each other in your English studies. We also offer a separate social programme for Platinum students, which include activities such as theatre trips, museums and other cultural excursions.

4. Do you need to gain confidence speaking on the telephone or giving a presentation?

In both your work and personal life, speaking on the phone and in public in a foreign language can be a difficult and nerve-wracking task. Your St Giles Platinum course will enable you to communicate effectively and confidently in these situations.

5. You know exactly what you need/want to practice e.g. speaking accurately.

With a St Giles Platinum course, the small class sizes mean that you are able to customise your course programme to suit your individual needs. Therefore, you will benefit from individual attention from your teachers, who will focus the lessons on areas that you know you want to improve, for example, pronunciation or specialised vocabulary.

6. Do you want focused lessons?

Our Platinum courses are delivered by flexible and experienced trainers, some of whom are from professional backgrounds. This means that you can focus on specific topics, such as medical or legal English.

7. Do you want to learn more about other cultures and their working environment?

Exploring other cultures is an essential part of the language learning experience. In your course you can learn about the customs, working practices and environment of English-speaking countries. This can be useful when dealing with people from those countries, for example when networking or negotiating.

8. Do you want to gain confidence and knowledge communicating in all aspects of English?

There are many different aspects of language learning, and learning how to speak it is just one of them. In a St Giles Platinum course, you will gain confidence in all aspects of English, such as your written and reading skills.

9. Do you want to be more fluent and accurate in your spoken English?

Your Platinum teachers will help with your speaking and pronunciation skills, which will without doubt give you more confidence in social situations at work.

10. Do you want to improve your listening skills to better understand native and non-native accents?

It’s well-known that in the English-speaking world there are many different accents – the UK, USA, Australia and Canada all have their own dialects and accents. There are also numerous different accents within those countries too! In your Platinum classes, you will work on your listening skills to better understand native English speakers. However, in class you will also meet people from different countries and understand non-native English speaker accents.

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