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St Giles

Five Reasons Why Our Students Love St Giles Juniors

Every St Giles Juniors course is packed with adventure and incredible learning experiences – from fun interactive lessons to an intensive exciting social programme. In addition, the courses are based in what we think are the best locations in the country, renowned world famous universities and boarding schools in tourist destinations. Have a look at our brochure here.

Here is what we love most about our courses:

# 1 Building Confidence Our students leave their courses feeling a lot more confident about not only their English but also themselves. Socialising with people from all over the world and also taking part in public speaking helps to build up even the shyest student’s confidence.

#2 New Experiences Every student leaves experiencing at least one thing for the first time. It can be trying a completely new cuisine, making friends from new countries or immersing themselves in British culture. St Giles Juniors courses are all about trying new things for the first time and growing as a person.

#3 We are one World In 2021 we hosted students from over 17 countries. In our busier summers we have had students from over 50 countries study with us. Becoming a citizen of the world, learning to appreciate different cultures and finding out that we have more in common than we think is integral to every St Giles Juniors course.

# 4 Exploring Our programmes are full of excursions. Our students love exploring the beautiful cities they have chosen to study in and also other famous cities around the UK. Having your English teachers as your guides makes exploring not only fun and but also educational.

# 5 Learning English The most important element of the courses is obviously learning English. English is not only learned during the 20 lessons a week (optional free upgrade to 25 lessons in selected centres) but also during the social programme. Students are encouraged to speak English at all times. Our teachers and activity leaders guide them to do this 24h/7. Students leave St Giles Juniors with a much wider range of vocabulary and more accuracy and fluency when speaking English.