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St Giles

Platinum Students enjoy Fuerza Bruta in New York


While studying English in New York, some of our Platinum students hit Broadway and were blown away by the show Fuerza Bruta. Fuerza Bruta is a unique dance performance. There are no seats and the show happens all around you.  Dancers in pools of water swam above our heads and dazzled us with  special effects, anti-gravity dances and high energy music. The passion and intensity of the dance reflected the excitement that is always present in New York City. A group of 15 students from St Giles New York City all went out together to see the show earlier this month. No one knew exactly what the show would be like. This surprise made the performance even more incredible! Much like studying in New York, amazing, unexpected and fantastic surprises are always just around the corner. See below for some photos from the show!

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