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St Giles

St Giles Juniors Live – Spring and Summer Juniors courses online

There is nothing like taking pictures of yourself covered in colourful holi powder, wearing a graduation hat and having your school manager hand over your certificate and saying goodbye with a warm embrace to all of your new lifelong friends. We have however, designed our online courses to be as similar to our face to face courses as possible, encompassing St Giles Juniors spirit.

This is what we love about our Spring and Summer online courses for young learners aged 7-17.

Explore the UK

Discover different parts of the UK with your teacher and your classmates. Students are encouraged to use their imagination, picture what they think places are like and discuss their thoughts with their classmates. Using videos, pictures, online live cameras and the teachers’ own experience of towns and cities, students are given interactive virtual tours. There is no better way of travelling from the comfort of your own home.

Take Part in Fun Activities

Improve your English while getting creative, doing yoga and taking part in quizzes. There is no need to have previous experience in any of the activities, your English teachers will guide you through each step of the way.

Weekly Book Club

Every week, you will receive a short online book to read in your free time.  While taking part in the book club, you will discuss the book with your friends and talk about the main characters, the places in the books and what you liked and disliked.

Weekly Debates

Encouraging students to form opinions, speak clearly about a topic and get their message across is an integral part of a face to face St Giles Juniors course and we are excited about transferring this element onto our online courses. Through weekly debates, students leave our courses with a better view of the world and social and environmental issues.  Our students discuss current and teen-friendly topics such as veganism, plastic, online learning and social media.

Making friends from all Over the World

Some of our students have been coming to St Giles Juniors every summer. One of the many reasons they come back is to see the same people year on year. We hope that this online platform serves as a reunion to our many returners and also a way of meeting many new friends from all around the world. Your teachers will encourage you to work together in class and to also stay in touch outside of class hours.

Good Quality English Classes

Last but not least, we will of course be focusing on English. The course is designed to be communicative, working on producing language and learning functional language. We want students to be able to practice everything they have learned in their school year so far.

See you soon!


We cannot wait to see you online or in-person at one of our fabulous Junior centres this summer. Follow us on @stgilesjuniors for more updates on our online courses and check out this video here for more information about our exciting social programme!