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A day at the Embarcadero Ferry Building in San Francisco

To review grammatical concepts and vocabulary, Eduardo, a teacher from San Francisco decided to take his students to explore the Embarcadero Ferry Building and put his students English skills to use.  He used questions that were structured to reinforce what they’d been doing in class with relative clauses, participles, quantifiers, extreme adjectives and modals.

St Giles San Francisco - Golden Gate Bridge

The weather was perfect, and the open-air market provided a nice background for the students investigative assignment!

Yesterday was my first field trip; that was nice to spend time with my classmates in another context.  The Ferry Building is really interesting and I like its localization, which is on the bay coast. That was a marvelous experience and an excellent way to review the grammatical concepts.

–Juliette, from France

When I bought a cup of coffee latte, I could interview a barista, whose name was Cassy, who enjoys playing basketball once a week. I have drunk it for the first time. It was absolutely marvelous.

I asked a man who had twins if they had ever been to South America.  Although he has never been there, they have been to Costa Rica. They told me there were completely enormous jungles. I’d like to go there sometime.

I asked him, whose name was Paul, if I could take a picture of him because he used a spoon to eat ramen noodles. After taking a picture, I ate the same food, too. It was incredibly fabulous.

–Tsuyoshi, from Japan

Studying outside was absolutely perfect experience for me .  I could meet some very friendly strangers and feel the atmosphere of market which is pretty wonderful.  I really would like to go there again.

–SungSoo, from South Korea

Yesterday I was absolutely amused the outdoor class. Although initially I was extremely embarrassed I quickly got through the activity and started feeling totally comfortable, which made me enjoy the time we spent at the Ferry Building.

–Marta, from Spain

Spending the day at the Ferry Building was absolutely wonderful, fascinating and priceless, which means an opportunity for me.  I wouldn’t be able to experience it if I was in Japan, so I think going out is also a part of studying English, and there are a lot of keys to improve English…

–Yuki, from Japan

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