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St Giles

Give your pronunciation a polish!

Do you want people to understand you a little more quickly?

Do you need to get some extra points in a speaking exam (e.g. IELTS or Cambridge)?

Would you like to get to a level where other speakers of English can’t tell exactly where you are from?

Try this activity to get a more ‘natural’ accent.

‘Potato in the mouth!’

1. First imagine your English teacher was trying to speak your language. What would it sound like if they had a really strong English accent?

Say 4/5 sentences in your own language but as if spoken by an English person with a very strong accent.

(It should sound like you have a potato in your mouth!)

2. Now try saying the same thing in English with that same feeling,

really exaggerating an English way. ( You will probably feel a bit silly at first but it will sound better in the end!)

3. Try this, saying different things every day for a week/2 weeks.

See what happens! 🙂

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