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Learning New Vocabulary

One of the biggest challenges for you as a student is trying to remember all the new words and phrases you will learn whilst you are studying.

Here are some ideas to help you?

Step 1

Keep a good record of new language:

  • Buy a note book (Ryman’s just down the road has loads!)
  • Try to write a definition in English – translation is not very accurate
  • Note down other information about the word – stress, pronunciation, part of speech
  • Note down grammatical information – e.g. is it followed by a preposition (which one?), or a verb (—-ing or to + infinitive?)
  • Is the word part of a family? You have the verb but what is the adjective form, the noun…?
  • Is this word often used with other particular words (collocation)?

This is a lot of stuff, but leave space and you can add information as you go along. Using an English learner dictionary will help you with all of this.

Step 2

It is important that you go back to the new words and phrases – one meeting is not enough!

Research shows that just going back and reading through your list of words is not the best way to remember them. So…

  • Test yourself. Challenge yourself to remember the meaning.
  • Work with another student and write sentences with gaps for them to fill in. Using the words to make meaningful sentences is hard work – and when your brain works hard it remembers!
  • Go back to new language at 12 to 24 hour intervals*. Do this four or five times and now you will remember the new word

Step 3

It is important to be motivated – learning a language takes a long time and sometimes it feels that you have such a long way to go that it can make you want to give up.

  • Use the new words in conversation, play with the language. Don’t worry about making mistakes – have fun with it.
  • Keep looking back – remember where you were when you started out and see how far you have come.
  • Keeping a record of all that new language that you have learned can be very motivating. Count your new words. How many? Wow!

Now go and have a piece of cake!

(interval (n)- an interval is a space in time, it’s also a break at the theatre)

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