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St Giles

Q & A with St Giles Vancouver

The staff at St Giles Vancouver share some tips on describing events and responding to questions:

Question: What were you up to last night? (What did you do last night?)

Answer – I went to a party, I went to a movie, I stayed home and studied, I met some friends for a drink, I hung out at Zack’s, I met up with Joe and he took me to his place….

Question: How was it?

Answer – It was a blast!, It was really fun, It was great, I had a great time, It was crazy, so many people!, It was the best time ever, It was awesome!, It was fantastic, I had so much fun!

Adjectives to describe movies: scary, silly, full of suspense, frightening, sad, funny, romantic, light-hearted, serious…

Or: it had great special effects, it made me cry, it was so phony, it had poor acting, it was a beautiful story, it was really funny….

If something is really good, whether it is a movie, food, a person, a trip, a new camera, anything, young Canadians will often describe it as “awesome”. So don’t use “nice”, use “awesome”. If it was really bad, we generally say “awful” or “terrible”.

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