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St Giles London Highgate English School – Student Reviews

Our English school in London Highgate offers students looking to study English in London the best of both worlds.

Based in a fashionable London suburb and surrounded by its own quiet English garden, St Giles London Highgate is ideal for learners looking for a more peaceful and focused place to study English. It is however still only 20 minutes from the centre of London and all that the great city has to offer – sightseeing, shopping and much more!

Mae McCourt, a teacher at St Giles London Highgate, asked some of her intermediate students about their experience studying at St Giles London Highgate. Here is what they said:

Since I came here I’ve had a lot of nice moments, especially the opportunity to be studying with people from different countries around the world and learning about customs from different cultures and the possibility to be in another continent, knowing a lot of old monuments and historical buildings. The best thing is that it’s a country where the people only speak English, which is an advantage and also is something very good and important because it has helped me a lot to improve my English in all the ways, speaking, listening, and writing.

Something really good about St Giles Highgate, is that it’s located in a very calm neighbourhood, like being in the countryside. It’s very nice be far from the noise while you are studying. I think this is an experience I will never forget. Sebastian Escobar (Colombia)

The best thing for me is that I met a lot of foreigners. Before I came here, I didn’t have any friends from foreign countries but now I have a lot of friends and we’ve been on trips quite often. Sometimes we’ve visited other friends’ houses. In summer we went to Spain and it took only a few hours. We had a great time there. We can go everywhere we want.

In London we can try some traditional British food. Before I came here, I didn’t expect any delicious food but some food is really nice. I recommend cream tea. It’s a traditional tea style; you drink tea and eat scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam. It’s absolutely delicious.

There’re a lot of tea-rooms in London and you can go there with your friends and you can chat there.

There’re a lot of pubs too. You can go to a pub, eat something and of course drink beer.

There’s a pub called ‘the church Pub’ and if you go there you can find your friends anytime because many St Giles students go there. I think if you come to this school, you can have a great time and enjoy your school life. Yoko Imano (Japan)

I’ve already lived in London for 9 months. I’ve met many international friends at St Giles in Highgate. It is very difficult to make friends from other countries in Korea. That’s the first advantage of living in London. If I hadn’t come here, I wouldn’t have made foreign friends. I’ve really had a good time throughout all the seasons. I especially love summer here because it’s not hot and there’s nice weather every day. The most interesting thing is that daytime lasts until 9pm or 10pm in the summer! It is so nice. I usually went on picnics in Hampstead Heath or Alexandra Palace, which are near St Giles Highgate.

What I really like doing in London is to going to the pub! There are lots of nice pubs and delicious beer here. Also the food in pubs is quite good! I can’t imagine my London life without parks and pubs! Joo Hei Won (South Korea)

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