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St Giles

Student Stories: A new love and a new life in San Francisco

Julia Sierra is currently studying at our San Francisco centre. Here she talks about a new love that gave her the motivation to leave her sensible, studious life in Spain behind and to embrace a new and exciting life in California.

I arrived in San Francisco one month ago. This is the first time I have traveled in all my life. It’s difficult to believe this because I’m 36 years old.

My life has seemed really boring because I’ve always been studying. I am a licensed nurse, midwife and computer engineer. All my life I’ve talked about how I’ll be a clever woman. But, four months ago, I met a man who is an adventurer and also clever. He has been living in San Francisco for six years. He was exciting to me because he had an interesting life. Now he is my boyfriend. We are falling in love and we are both living a new experience because we were single for a long time.

Suddenly, he proposed that I come to San Francisco with him. I was surprised and scared because I had to quit my job and begin a new life here. On one hand, I wanted to come to San Francisco to enjoy a new experience. I wanted to travel and to know new cultures, but on the other hand I had a big problem: I didn’t know how to speak English and I knew that it would be a handicap for me, but I had to try it; I needed to take a chance in my life. I wanted to be happy for once. I tried it and now I’m happy for a change. This is the best thing that I never did for myself.

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