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St Giles

Tips for working remotely

COVID-19 has forced many people to work from home for the first time. This is nothing new and many people have been working this way for a long time, you just have to know the most effective way to do it.

If this is your first experience working from home, you may face some difficulties. But don´t worry, we’ve compiled some tips to help you make the most of this situation:

  1. Get dressed

We know that working in pyjamas is really tempting, but if we shower and get dressed daily as if we were going to our normal place of work, this will improve our mental state. It will also prepare us psychologically to start our working day. Some people prefer to wear more comfortable clothing, which is fine, but it’s important to change out of the clothes we sleep in.

  1. Choose a good workspace

It´s a good idea to choose one exclusive space to work. Ideally, it should be tidy, well-lit and comfortable, so it allows you to concentrate. A recommendation is to stay away from house common areas to avoid interruptions/disruption. It is essential that the chosen space has strong internet signal.

  1. Set a time limit

You should try to have the same office schedule from home, which means starting and finishing work at the same time as you usually would. You can even take advantage of the time you save from the commute to do some exercise or read a good book. You must also make sure you take your breaks and save time to eat and it’s important to communicate this with the rest of the team so they too can respect your time to rest.

  1. Listen to music or try to find a quiet spot

This depends on individual preference- some people prefer silence whilst working to help them concentrate, while others like to listen to music.

  1. Prepare food and water

It’s a good idea to keep a jug of water and tea or coffee nearby to make sure you stay hydrated. You can also have some fruit or snacks to hand, in case you get hungry. Remember that you should not eat your main meals in front of the computer and should try to keep to your scheduled break for lunch.

  1. Eliminate distractions

For example the TV, the people around you, the phone etc. We must try to stay away from everything that distracts us and this is why it’s important to choose a suitable place to work.

  1. Create a nice working environment

Decorate your space in the way that works for you, surround yourself with objects that help to stimulate your creativity, such as pictures, colours, flowers, photos etc. Perhaps, you just need a table and a chair suitable for work- it is all a matter of personal taste and individual needs, so experiment and find out what suits you best.

  1. Leave home, if possible.

If you have a garden or a balcony, we recommend you go outside at least once a day. Breathing in fresh air helps with any mental blocks and refreshes your mind.

  1. Talk on the phone, Skype or Zoom

When working from home, it is likely that you will go for a long time without talking to anyone. Make some time to pick up the phone and have a conversation with someone, instead of sending everything by email or messages. This allows you to talk conversationally and clear your mind a little, as you usually would in the office.

  1. Take regular breaks

It is  important to keep to a routine when working from home. Work can be monotonous, so be sure to take small breaks regularly, get up from your desk, walk, have a coffee or tea, just as you would in the office. It is proven that taking a lot of short breaks during the day is more beneficial than taking fewer long breaks.