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St Giles

Useful British English Words and Expressions

by Diane Dowejko, St Giles Brighton

Here are some common British English expressions which you might hear native English speakers saying in the UK, and you might want to use as well:

  • I’m going to pop to the loo.

pop = go quickly and come back

loo = toilet

  • Can you spare a quid?

Can you spare = Do you have extra (for me)

a quid = one pound (£)

  • I’m going to buy some fags.

fags = cigarettes

  • There was a lot of booze at the party.

booze = alcohol

  • I’m chuffed about my test results.

chuffed = very pleased / happy

  • Have you got a light?

a light = a cigarette lighter

  • Two pints

a pint = a large glass of beer (550ml)

  • It’s a bit nippy outside today.

nippy = cold

  • That was really dull.

dull = boring

  • What’s on telly tonight?

telly = television / TV

  • Don’t forget your brolly – it’s going to pour.

brolly = umbrella

pour = rain a lot

  • That was an ace meal!

ace = great / fantastic

  • Cheers mate!

cheers = thank you

mate = friend

  • I had a lousy

lousy = bad / not enjoyable

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