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St Giles

A Fond Farewell to Frances…

We are sad to say that Frances Seaton, Centre Director at St Giles Vancouver, will be leaving us after six fabulous years. Frances has made an amazing contribution to St Giles, and has helped turned our Vancouver school into the friendly, welcoming and well-respected centre that it is today.

We sat down for one final Q&A session with Frances this week to chat about her time at St Giles and her future plans…

Q: Frances, we are so sad to hear that you are leaving us! Can you tell us what have you enjoyed most about working at St Giles Vancouver?
A: Oh gosh, this is definitely the best school I have worked at. I love the school, the location, the wonderful people I work with, and for some reason we get the best students in the world at St Giles Vancouver. I am always saying that. We love our students.
In my role as Center Director, I was able to travel to the UK for conferences with the other St Giles International staff, to places in Canada for Languages Canada Conferences and some marketing trips within Canada. Those experiences were wonderful; meeting the people of St Giles, the professional workshops and trainings, the fellowship and sharing all contributed in making my job great. Of course I learned so much from the students as well. 
As I walk around the school I imagine I am walking around the world experiencing different cultures. I love to see them enjoying their experiences not only at the school but from all their adventures around Vancouver and British Columbia. There is always such great energy at our school.  I’ve met so many lovely, lovely people who I won’t forget.

Q: What has been your proudest moment at St Giles?
A: Oh, so many! Taking first place in student feedback surveys amongst the other schools, watching students arrive shy and without much English and leaving with the ability to talk to all of their new friends. And I can’t forget completing the 10K Vancouver Sun Run with a respectable time with about 40 others running from St Giles.  We just did it again a few weeks ago for the 5th year in a row! This time I carried our mascot, Brownie, the whole way.

Frances ready for the Vancouver Sun Run with Brownie, the St Giles Vancouver mascot

Q: What’s the next chapter for you, post-St Giles?
A: For now, I will spend some time with my lovely granddaughters, take them camping, be there for them as they are needing some “Nana” time. I don’t have any solid plans yet although I know I will be doing some traveling when I can.  I’ve been to 47 countries and there are so many more!  I may combine my traveling with some teaching, we’ll see!

Thank you for the past six years of service, Frances! It’s been a pleasure to work with you and we hope you’ll come back to visit us!

Frances with Vern, Director of Studies