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St Giles

Charity Success in 2012!

All of our centres in the UK, USA and Canada are committed to raising money for charity. We are lucky to have fantastic staff and students who are generous with their time and enjoy getting involved to raise money and have some fun along the way too!

How much did we raise?

  • Our four St Giles schools in the UK raised a fantastic £6,542.54 for charity in 2012. St Giles trebled this and donated £19,627.62 to charity!
  • Our St Giles San Francisco centre raised $816.37 for local charities following fundraising events at the school. This was trebled by St Giles, reaching a total of $2449.11.
  • Our St Giles Vancouver centre also raised $483.42 for local charities.

How did we raise this money?

Each year, our St Giles centres hold charity events to raise money for good causes.  Here are just some events our schools held last year:

  • Halloween Fancy Dress Day
  • Summer Garden Parties
  • International Food Day
  • Student Parties
  • Charity Raffles
  • Bake Sales

Where did the money go?

The money raised by our UK schools in 2012 went to the following charities: Heart Children’s Home, Expand, Cancer Research and Go Make it Happen.

In San Francisco, the proceeds went to two local charities based in the same building as the school: Positive Resources and San Francisco Suicide Prevention.

Our Vancouver centre donated the money to the BC Cancer Foundation and the Union Gospel Mission.

New Charitable Donations

As of this year, all our students are asked to give an optional charitable donation of £1 GBP / $1 USD / $1 CAD when they enrol at St Giles. This money will be donated to the four main St Giles charities that our UK schools supported in 2012.

Want to know more?

Find out more about the charities we support on the St Giles International website. If you would like to study English in the UK, USA or Canada, you can contact us at or read more about our locations online.