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St Giles

St Giles London Highgate Corporate Social Responsibility – Nature and Nurture!

St Giles London Highgate has started its first gardening initiative in an attempt to raise awareness about organic home grown vegetables. Many of our students who live in cities across the world don’t often get the opportunity to actually grow their own fruit or vegetables, so St Giles London Highgate has decided to help them!

The school is growing a variety of vegetables including tomatoes, lettuce, pumpkins, cucumbers, strawberries and peas, and also flowers to attract more butterflies into the garden!

Other wildlife initiatives include providing bird feeders so that birds have food for themselves and their chicks during the summer and winter. The only problem is the cheeky squirrel who also likes to eat the nuts!

We have also built bird houses and put them in the trees so that the birds will return next year and nest in the Highgate garden. All of the students and staff are looking forward to meeting the new baby chicks next year!

This new initiative is the latest addition to St Giles’ ongoing commitment to Social Responsibility. You can learn more about CSR at St Giles and read our full Social Responsibility charter here.

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